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Transforming Your Approach To Life

Carolyn has developed dynamic workshops that have been enjoyed by hundreds of people. See more about them below.

She is also available as a keynote speaker at any function you are hosting. You may contact her directly to find out more.

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“It is my great pleasure to recommend Carolyn as a speaker and workshop presenter. Her wisdom and subject matter mastery as she speaks with gentle authority bringing new insights and inspiration to each participant. Carolyn Lawson would bring a special blessing to any group fortunate enough to hear her.”

Reverend Edwene Gaines

Edwene Gaines Seminars, LLC, Rock Ridge Retreat Center, Prosperity Products/The Masters School

Intuitive Power; Loving Your Intuitive Self:

Six step process for connecting to and increasing the power of your Intuition.

Awaken The Miracle Worker In YOU!

We all have amazing abilities to transform our lives or the lives of those we love by learning and embracing ourselves as evolved systems of energy. You will be given the tools that you need to awaken the miracle worker in you.

Energy Dynamics: Discovering Your Evolving Capabilities

Connecting with your innate abilities as a system of energy becomes second nature with this dynamic transformational workshop experience.

Clear Your Clutter, Change Your Life!

We all have clutter. In this workshop you will be given the tools you need to release the belongings that hold you from moving forward in your life and the energy that goes along with them.

Creating The Space You Need, For The Life You Want

5 step process to move your life and your belongings forward.

Beyond Ordinary: Extraordinary Experiences Of Healing And Peace

During this talk Carolyn shares with you some of the more amazing experiences that she has shared with her friends and clients. Through sharing these stories, it is Carolyn’s hope that participants expand their views of possibility and open to the wonder of our existence.