Healing Mist

RELEASE – Full Spectrum Energy Healing Mist

“Carolyn Lawson is quite an alchemist! Astrid [his wife] and I feel this formula has enormous uplifting, clearing, cleansing and releasing energy benefits. The product is amazing. We use it to cleanse and release our home, workshop spaces, and use it frequently when traveling. The mist is a perfect addition for ceremonials when sage smudging is not an option. We would like everyone to know about this transformational healing gift.”

Peter Calhoun, Shaman, healer and author of Soul on Fire

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This unique alchemical formula is brought to you for your highest good and healing on all levels of your being. Release is infused with the perfect balance of healing energy, intention, quartz crystals and color frequencies specific for our energy needs at this time. The Sun and Moon have offered their energy, natural spring water and 100% pure essential oils all add to the amazing healing quality of this mist. The entire process of blending, activation and blessing is guided and developed through the brilliant love and light from Nature Beings and Angels. The healing mist is: a gift from the heavens and earth.

Application or Suggested Use: Release can be used as a personal healing mist by spraying above the head and allowing the mist to gently heal and uplift your energy systems. The mist can also be used to transform your living or working environments. Simply state your intention and spray. For use in home spaces, or confusing places. Refresh and release yourself or a friend! Feel the difference that assistance from Nature can bring into all levels of your being and all levels of your life.

“I have used Release-Energy Healing Mist at home, work and in my energy-work sessions.  I love it!  It reenergizes me, my Betar table, the room, and of course my clients as well.  I highly recommend it. In fact, before energy work sessions, meetings or work of any kind.  I lightly apply RELEASE to the room, furniture and myself: the result seems to be a smoother, more optimistic, more successful meeting, work session, or day!”

Reiki Master, LA

“I purchased a bottle of your Energy Healing Mist and was delighted to find that it really works!  When I need to change the energy of an area or a situation, a couple of quick sprays creates a palpable shift!

Lisa Bonnice – Author of Shape Shifting; Reclaiming your Body

“The first time I used the mist I felt instantly centered, clear and awake. At home it makes my rooms vibrant.  I also use it in the chapel where I am a hospice chaplain with the same welcomed effect. Thank-You!”

Angel, TN

“My home had begun to feel like it was draining my energy and creativity.  I thought I would give the mist a try.  The change to my home and personal energy was amazing!  I use the mist every day and recommend it to my friends.

B. Brannen-Jewelry Artist, GA

Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Quartz Crystals, 100% Pure Essential Oils Of Rosemary, Tangerine, Rose And Lavender – 4 Oz Size

Activated by Nature Beings and Angels; Infused with blessings, songs and intention.

Prepared by Carolyn Lawson and bottled in the USA.